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Business solutions in Covid-19 conditions

  • Notifying counterparties of force majeure due to COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus pandemic meets the criteria of a force majeure event – emergency and unpreventable. Notifying the counterparty of the occurrence of force majeure circumstances releases the debtor from liability for non-fulfillment (improper performance) of the obligation, that is, it exempts the debtor from paying penalties and legal interest, as well as compensation for losses. The notification will also help convince the counterparty to reconsider the terms of the contract and enter into an agreement on new terms of performance.

Our specialists will analyze the provisions of the force majeure agreement, collect the necessary and sufficient documents confirming the occurrence of force majeure, and based on the analysis, prepare a notice of the occurrence of force majeure.

  • Change or termination of the contract due to COVID-19

A significant change in market conditions caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic may introduce a clear imbalance in the contractual relations of counterparties. Continuous fulfillment of obligations for one of the parties during a pandemic can become extremely burdensome and lead to consequences incompatible with law and justice.

Our experts will help you reach an agreement to bring the contract into compliance with significantly changed circumstances or to terminate it. If the parties do not come to such an agreement, then we will help the interested party go to court with a request to amend (terminate) the contract due to a significant change in circumstances.

  • Optimizing cash flow due to supply chain disruption due to COVID-19

The state constantly offers additional mechanisms to support small and medium-sized businesses affected by the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Some new measures have already begun to take effect, but the current legislation already contains mechanisms to optimize cash flows.

Our specialists will develop recommendations on the possibility of applying benefits and deferments provided for by current tax and administrative legislation, and will also provide assistance in the use of new preferential measures.

  • Optimization of labor resources as a result of the negative consequences of COVID-19

The economic consequences of the COVID-19 virus pandemic are already pushing employers to strictly optimize labor resources, but such actions do not always lead to the set goal.

Our specialists will prepare a list of measures to optimize personnel, carry out proper documentation of agreements reached and decisions made, and also conduct negotiations with employees to achieve the desired result.